Since antiquity, olive oil has been a staple food in the Mediterranean diet and nowadays it is considered the healthiest food in the world and has been declared an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.


Within the context of a healthy and balanced diet extra virgin olive oil is essential for the human body. It is therefore essential that we look for the best and most natural one. In fact, thanks to its active ingredients, such as polyphenols, vitamins, chlorophyll, carotenoids and many others, it can be considered a “nutraceutical”, that is, a cross between food and medicine.



“among all the trees, the first place goes to olive”

Columella I sec. d.c. (De Rustica V, 8, 1)


VIRIDUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The organic extra virgin olive oil ” VIRIDUM ” is the result of a blend of the olive varieties FRANTOIO, TORTIGLIONE, DRITTA, PENDOLINO and CASTIGLIONESE, which are all typical of the territory of Teramo. It comes from crops located in the hills of the town of Pineto ( Te ) and it was obtained from harvest of October 2015.

With its intense flavour and elegant “golden green” colour, it has a light taste and a little spicy yet slightly bitter to fruity aroma of fresh olive.
We recommend enjoying it raw, in order to grasp all the nuances of taste and smell.
This versatile product is the protagonist of the kitchen, since it fits the various forms of cuisine with its outstanding property.

In the Mediterranean cuisine it is the basis of all sauces ( in which the onion and garlic are to be browned ); and it accompanies pasta and the second course, be it fish or meat.


It is also recommended for frying because of its high heat resistance which improves the food without degrading its nutritional value and satisfies the most demanding palates since the food thus cooked doesn’t give the feeling of eating unwanted fat.

It is nowadays also considered to be the protagonist in pastry as well. As a test, some cakes were made by substituting margarine (a man-made fat) with extra virgin olive oil. These cakes resulted having an intense sweet taste but with the advantage of being very light and digestible.

Therefore VIRIDUM is a good opportunity to explore new horizons in the Mediterranean flavours.


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